I have been coaching cyclists since 2009. My work coaching preceded my rise to the domestic professional level of road racing. Therefore, I observed my own development from a coach’s perspective and took many lessons from my own growth. My coaching is also informed by my university studies in physiology and philosophy and my continual study of research and coaching articles by my peers.

My role as a coach is to draw out cyclists’ natural talents and hone them to their full potential. Because every athlete is different my approach varies based on the following parameters:

Talent: Identifying a cyclist’s talents is essential to helping them succeed. Physical talent can often be identified through power profiling, reviewing race results, or direct observation of technique. Tactical and psychological talent generally requires greater nuance and time to understand and is, in my opinion, more important to the development of winning cyclists.

Motivation: The intersection of the mind and the body, motivation is the element that separates winners and the also-rans. While there are many ways to motivate an athlete I believe that education and mutual respect form the foundation of enduring and powerful motivation. To this end I educate my clients so that they can understand themselves physically and mentally and give me feedback beyond what’s visible in power files.

Resilience: Prior to any cycling specific work I expect my clients to develop basic physical resilience. This often requires addressing issues of diet, flexibility, sleep, body weight, etc. Without preparing the body for the stress of training it cannot absorb it and flourish.

Endurance: In all of the disciplines of cycling that I coach endurance is the cornerstone of success. My approach involves determining race specific requirements and tailoring the development of endurance accordingly.

Balance: Often my external perspective is essential in helping athletes balance their training and their other obligations. This balance varies – some athletes need to fit training into a busy professional and family life while others need help optimizing their full time racing obsession. Whatever balance you seek, my role is to keep you on track as you pursue your goals.