I began racing mountain bikes at age 12, around the same time that I began working on bikes. My interest in bikes has never lessened since and over the past 20 years of riding and wrenching I have covered a lot of ground in the bike world. I’ve worked as a full time mechanic, a professional road racer, a teacher of mechanics, a bike messenger, and of course, a cycling coach. My riding has covered equally varied terrain; as a teenage biking fool I rode trials and freeride mountain bikes – working hard to scare myself and narrowly avoid grave bodily harm, I’ve raced cross country from short track to 24 hour national championships (the fun stopped after about 8 hours), I’ve travelled to Belgium to race cyclocross, I’ve delivered court briefs and architectural plans through the muckiest of Oregon Winter, and I’ve ridden in the best road races in America. Although my priorities and interests in bikes have changed over time, my excitement for them has not. Helping others discover and integrate riding into their own lives has, luckily, become a job as well as a passion for me.

I live in Portland Oregon with my wife Allie, our dog Lola, and our 1992 Winnabego Warrior RV. My interests outside of bikes include cooking, van dwelling, political philosophy, birds, and carpentry.

Hometown: Eugene, OR

Height / Weight: 5’9″ / 155 lbs. (176cm / 70kg).

First Race: 1997 Mudslinger Cross Country, Corvallis, OR

Turned Professional: 2011, Team Exergy, UCI D3

Most Memorable Race: 2011 Philly. 100+ miles in breakaway, 2nd in KOM contest, 250km/155mi in 6 hours (26mph).

Strengths: Punchy climbs, breakaways.



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