USAC Talent ID Camp: Day 2

Words by Gabrielle Lehnert

Today at the Northwest Talent ID Camp was the day of the 5min time trials. I got up at 6:45 and made some oatmeal for breakfast and then got ready to ride. I met the rest of the campers/coaches at the area we keep our bikes to do a weigh-in. Each rider was weighed alone and then with their bike before we headed out to the course. [The weighing allows for accurate calculations of power/weight ratio, which is one parameter that USAC considers when assessing talent]

The power numbers and times from the tests will be sent to USA Cycling so I was kind of nervous before and really hoping to do as well as I knew I could. When we got to the course, everyone did a warmup ride of the course at our own paces. Then we got two tries to do the course as fast as we could. I used my first effort as a warmup and a way to see the course in a more realistic race situation without going to hard. I did that one at about 80%. The second effort, I went as hard as I could and by the top I was completely done. There was a spot in the middle of the ride that I wish I would have pushed a little bit harder on but other than that I am pleased with my effort.

When everyone finished we rode back to the dorms and ate lunch. We had some down time after lunch and then learned about bike fitting, the USADA, stretching/foam rolling, and nutrition. All of it was very informative and I learned some good stuff from each presentation.

After those sessions, we went to dinner as a group. Right after dinner we went into learning about deciphering power numbers. We saw the times from the TT earlier today also. I was the fastest girl (out of 2) by four second which I am happy with. We then watched a stage of the 2015 Tour of California and compared the race to Ian Boswell’s power files from that day. More power testing to come tomorrow and lots more to learn.


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