Baker City: Day 2 – Time Trial and Criterium

Words by Gabrielle Lehnert

BAKER CITY — Today was day 2 of the Baker City Cycling Classic. There were 2 stages again today, an 11 mile flat time trial and a 40 minute criterium. I got up at 8:00, ate breakfast (oatmeal as always), and prepared for the day. Then, I went to the course and did my normal time trial warmup. I was the last to start of the cat. 3 women as I was leading the GC after the first day. My goal was to keep the second place woman (who started 30 seconds in front of me) well within sight and hopefully get some more time on her. It was clear pretty soon after my start that she was a very strong time trialist and I was just going to have to limit my losses. My legs were tired from the 2 previous races. It wasn’t my best time trial, I had a hard time not getting too bogged down in my gears and I couldn’t get my heart rate up. I ended up getting second on the stage but losing the lead by just over a minute. Even though I lost the lead I’m still happy with how I did. At this time last year I think that I would have lost a lot more time against the 3’s than I did today.

After the time trial I went back to the house I’m staying at, ate, and rested until the criterium. I warmed up for the crit at the house because it is only a few blocks from where the start was. I rode to the course and did a couple laps to preview the course. It was an L shape with smooth, wide corners. A very fast course. The race had a quick pace but was pretty uneventful. Only a few attacks came and none of them stuck. It came down to a bunch sprint in the end. I didn’t sprint too hard because everyone in the group was going to end up with the same time and I wanted to conserve energy. Results haven’t been posted yet but I would say I got 4th or 5th in the 3’s. I was definitely starting to feel the fatigue of 4 races but I guess everyone else was feeling it too.

That concluded the racing for the day but there was still more prep to do for tomorrow. My dad and I drove the final climb for stage 5 after the crit. It is a 14ish mile climb that never really lets up. I’m looking forward to racing on it tomorrow, it’s a climb that suits me very well. Tomorrow’s going to be a very early morning so I’m trying to go to bed early. Today was another great day of racing and I’m all around very pleased with how it ended up. Hopefully tomorrow I will be able to take the lead back!

Screen Shot 2016-06-26 at 8.56.17 AM
The finish of Sunday’s road race. 10 miles at 6%!

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